Augustinus Bader Benefits

The cult-favorite cream has garnered praise from industry experts (including our very own Katie Couric) and beauty gurus the world over. But what you may not know is that the brand’s impressive formulas have a deeper story behind them.

Created by renowned stem cell scientist and physician Augustinus Bader, the line uses a patented complex called TFC8 to support your skin’s natural self-healing processes. The result is radiantly smooth, healthy-looking skin.


When augustinus bader launched in 2018 with just two products, the lightweight The Cream and heavier The Rich Cream, it promised that you’d only need those two to get beautiful skin (suggesting at least benching everything else from your routine, save cleanser). Since then, the brand has grown to include The Serum, The Face Oil, a new edition of The Cream, and a face mask.

The patented technology TFC8 (a blend of amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesized molecules that help guide key nutrients to your cells) is what powers all the formulas in the lineup. It’s also what allows the brand to promise anti-aging benefits like smoothing fine lines, firming up skin, balancing hyperpigmentation, and brightening complexion.

TFC8 is inspired by decades of research conducted by Professor Bader, who is a leading stem cell and biomedical scientist with dozens of peer-reviewed studies under his byline. He has published articles on subjects as varied as hormone treatments for scalding burns to the effectiveness of stem cells in healing wounds.


When it comes to brightening your skin, Augustinus Bader is a beauty brand that’s hard to beat. Their products contain a patented technology called TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex), which is a blend of natural amino acids and synthesized molecules similar to those naturally found in the skin. This powerful formula helps to boost the body’s cellular communication signaling process, which in turn enhances your skin’s ability to heal itself and regenerate new cells.

When Augustinus Bader first launched, the brand featured just two products: The Cream and its heavier-weight twin sister, The Rich Cream. These two moisturizers were promoted as the only skincare products you needed, and they quickly made their way into the hands of Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and more A-list celebs.

Today, the brand has expanded to include a full range of skincare and hair care products. These products are formulated without parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, and talc—and they’re cruelty free.


Founded by stem cell and biomedical scientist Augustinus Bader, this prestige brand launched in 2018 with just two products (The Cream and The Rich Cream) that promised to be all you needed for beautiful skin. Since then, the brand has expanded to 37 products (including kits and a collaboration with Victoria Beckham), and it’s become a favorite of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, among others.

The Rich Cream is a rich, hydrating moisturizer designed for normal to dry skin and mature skin. The formula is infused with TFC8, which helps to address signs of aging, while also replenishing moisture for a radiant, renewed complexion. Other key ingredients include humectants like panthenol and alanyl glutamine, emollients like shea butter and helianthus annuus oil and antioxidants like vitamin C.

The cream is a hit with beauty editors, who love its velvety texture and how it works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But, as we’ve mentioned before, it can be a bit pricey, and there are plenty of other clean moisturizers out there that perform just as well for a fraction of the cost.


Augustinus bader benefits include skin-smoothing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and brightening the complexion. This cult clean skincare line also works to reduce hyperpigmentation, heal scars, and clarify acne-prone skin. It’s no wonder the brand’s coveted The Cream and its denser cousin, The Rich Cream are a staple in the skincare regimen of celebrities and makeup artists alike. From Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Hailey Bieber, these products have earned rave reviews for their glow-boosting and skin-smoothing effects.

The secret to these products is the patented TFC8 complex, which supports your skin’s natural healing abilities and encourages cell turnover. It’s an impressive formula with proven results (you can see the clinical trials on the product pages) and it is why a wide range of skin issues are addressed by the brand:

The creams have even earned Gigi Hadid’s approval, which is why she included them in her namesake beauty line. The products can be purchased online and at luxury retailers across the United States and Europe.