Gopuff Benefits

Gopuff is an online convenience store that delivers food, drinks, cleaning supplies, household items and OTC medication to customers anywhere in the US. It operates a network of micro-fulfillment centers and thousands of drivers to deliver orders in 30 minutes or less.

Gopuff has grown quickly and continues to expand across the country. Currently, they have more than 500 micro-fulfillment centers and thousands of employees.

1. Convenience

Gopuff is a delivery service that allows you to order snacks, drinks, home supplies and more from the convenience of your smartphone. You can choose from a variety of local favorite items or national brands, and orders are delivered in as little as 30 minutes.

The company buys products directly from manufacturers and keeps them in so-called micro-fulfillment centers, warehouses that act as distribution hubs. Then, independent drivers pick up those goods and deliver them to customers within a 30-minute window.

Drivers make money by charging a delivery fee to the customer, which the company passes along. They also receive bonuses if they hit certain order volume goals or work at peak times. In addition, they are treated as independent contractors, which allows them to cut costs.

2. Save Time

Gopuff is a billion-dollar mobile convenience store that delivers snacks, groceries, home essentials and alcohol (in some markets) to customers who order via the app. They have locations all over the US and plan to expand globally.

The business operates differently than other delivery services, and its success is based on fast delivery and strong unit economics. They have warehouses that act as distribution hubs for independent drivers who pick up orders from the warehouses and deliver them within a 30-minute window to customers.

They also have a unique model that passes their delivery fees directly to their drivers, which helps them cut costs. In addition, their drivers get a minimum hourly earnings guarantee and can be paid a flat fee each time they complete an order.

3. Reduce Stress

Founded by two Drexel University students in 2013, Gopuff is now a billion-dollar company. Originally targeting college students, the company has expanded to 650 US cities.

The service offers a wide range of items for delivery, including everything from paper towels and frozen pizza to diapers and pain medicine. Their products are picked from their local micro-warehouses and then delivered directly to customers with contactless delivery.

Unlike other delivery companies, Gopuff doesn’t charge a surge price or require drivers to locate hotspots in their area. Instead, it relies on inventory tracking to make sure customers receive the products they need when they need them.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

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5. Save Money

Gopuff eliminates the middleman, so customers can get snacks, groceries, home essentials, and alcohol (in some markets) delivered right to their doorstep. Orders are sent directly to a local Gopuff micro-fulfillment center, where they’re quickly processed and delivered to your door.

Drivers pick their own hours through the Gopuff goDrive app, which allows them to reserve delivery blocks or work on demand. For every order, drivers can earn a flat fee or commission from the micro-fulfillment center.

Besides making deliveries, drivers can also make money through Gopuff’s subsidy program, which helps them make up for the extra cost of fuel and insurance. In addition, they can get a $10 monthly credit on their Chase cards. This benefit is available for a limited time and can be used to buy a wide variety of items, including groceries, home essentials, and alcohol.