Userway Benefits

Userway provides a number of benefits to individuals who are using the product. These benefits range from privacy by design to real-time scanning and automatic fixes. You will also find that the product can be customized in a number of ways, with a variety of languages and free.

Free widget

If you want to make your website accessible for all, you may want to try installing an accessibility widget. These widgets can be customized to fit the needs of both users and the website’s design.

There are free and paid versions of UserWay’s widget. The free version allows you to change the size of fonts, change contrast, and adjust spacing. It also lets you adjust the color of text and icons. You can also choose between a desktop and mobile interface.

UserWay’s widget is designed to enhance your website’s functionality while creating a more inclusive user experience. They use AI technology to detect and correct common web accessibility issues.

Real-time scanning

The UserWay real-time scanning feature is a unique way to check your website’s accessibility. It uses the company’s popular accessibility widget, which is installed on over half a million websites in the US, to make sure your site is up to par.

For sites that are regularly updated, real-time monitoring can be especially useful. By identifying any new issues in real-time, you can take steps to fix them before they become a problem.

In addition to its free services, UserWay offers paid accessibility testing and monitoring. You can select from different plans depending on the number of pages you want to scan. These include full-site audits and template scans.

AI-powered accessibility widgets

An AI-powered accessibility widget is one of the most powerful tools for ensuring that your website is accessible to everyone. This solution is not only helpful for making websites more user-friendly, but it also helps ensure that your site is fully ADA compliant.

UserWay’s AI-powered accessibility widget uses a unique Human-in-the-Loop approach. It works in conjunction with an adaptive system to automatically remediate accessibility issues. For example, when an element on a website is not meeting WCAG contrast minimums, the widget will automatically adjust the color.

By using this combination of artificial intelligence and machine intelligence, UserWay provides an efficient, cost-effective solution to ensuring that your website is fully accessible. The software allows you to customize the features and functionality of your widget, and it can be easily installed on your website.

Privacy by design approach

Privacy by design is a common-sense approach that can help protect the privacy of individuals. It is a proactive approach to protecting your users’ data, and helps to build trust among consumers.

As digital data becomes more important for organizations, it is essential to maintain its security. This is done through a proactive, risk-based approach. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of privacy breaches, invasive events, and misuse of information.

Privacy by design is an interdisciplinary field that addresses many different aspects of privacy. This includes preventing privacy breaches before they occur, maintaining transparency, and ensuring accountability. Using a privacy-first approach, organisations can improve their technology products and services.

Detecting issues and automatically fixing them

UserWay is a company that’s best known for their web accessibility plugin. However, they also do other stuff like remediation of multimedia files and document review. The company offers multiple plans, from a free trial to a dedicated account manager. For organizations that require more bespoke services, they charge a fee.

Users can install the product manually through the UserWay site or they can go the automated route. It’s a painless process that consists of a couple of lines of code in the site’s.htm file. After the installation is complete, the program will scan the site for the aforementioned notables and compile a report in a matter of seconds.

Over 40 languages to choose from

The benefits of UserWay’s patented adaptive technology include a better quality of life for its millions of subscribers. Users of all ages can benefit from a wide range of services including video captioning, live site translations and form validation to name a few. And the good news is you can even do it all on your mobile device. The best part is the software is free for life. There’s even a nice looking app store to boot. A nifty little widget can be embedded into your mobile home screen allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Using the app to create a custom widget is a breeze.