YOOJI Benefits – Danone Manifesto Ventures and Pymwymic Ventures

YOOJI benefits to our community and environment are not limited to just our family. Through our partnerships with organizations like APRICOT CHILDREN and Danone Manifesto Ventures, we are able to provide counseling and psychological treatment to children and their families. We are excited to work with these organizations as they help us to continue to expand and reach new areas of impact.

Danone Manifesto Ventures invests in organic baby food

Earlier this year, Danone’s venture capital business invested in US organic food producer WhiteWave. This follows on from its earlier investments in French cookie-company Michel et Augustin and the US company called Farmer’s Fridge.

Danone’s Manifesto Ventures recently invested in Yooji, a French start-up that provides organic baby food in frozen portion sizes. Yooji’s products are made with 100% natural ingredients, free from additives and salt. The company sources vegetables from organic farms in the EU. It also uses sustainable packaging. Its baby food is sold in 600 stores across France.

Danone Manifesto Ventures has invested in four companies since its inception last year. It plans to invest up to six or seven start-up companies a year in the future, and aims to be one of the most influential investment funds for healthful eating and drinking.

The company is led by CEO John Foraker, the founder of Annie’s Homegrown. It is also supported by celebrity investor Mark Cuban.

Pymwymic will support Yooji to push its boundaries of impact

Founded in 1994, Pymwymic is a European investment co-op that invests in impact driven enterprises. They have a track record of over 1500 investments and have a strong network of knowledge and know-how. They have a wide-ranging investment strategy that involves leveraging the best in peer-to-peer collaboration and industry best practices.

Pymwymic is well-known for its pioneering work in impact investing and has been a long-standing member of the industry. They are proud to welcome Yooji as their newest co-investor. Yooji is an organic baby food company that uses all-natural ingredients and is packaged using recyclable materials. They also strive to achieve the highest standards of sustainability.

Yooji is a lil’ company with a big (albeit small) ambition. They aim to achieve the best in sustainability by providing healthy, organic baby food that is not only good for babies, but for their environment as well. They use locally sourced ingredients, and use 100% renewable energy sources to create their food. They also have an effective waste reduction plan and a 100% sustainable packaging strategy.