Yumearth Benefits

Yumearth is a company that makes delicious products for both kids and adults. Their treats are Non-GMO, Gluten-free, and Kosher or vegan. In addition, they are all allergen-free.


Founded in 2007 by Sergio Bicas and Rob Wunder, Yumearth is a leading manufacturer of organic, natural and non-GMO candy. As a result, they produce a wide variety of products, including the aforementioned gummies, fruit snacks, candy drops, and licorice. Their products are available in a number of stores nationwide, as well as online. Besides being a tasty treat, they are also a responsible company. In fact, they have made a name for themselves by producing the aforementioned gummies with the most environmentally conscious packaging and by using only organic sugars from local sugar mills.

It’s no wonder that the candy company is so proud of its product line. With hundreds of employees on hand, the Yumearth team is committed to making their candies clean and safe. And the best part is that the company is completely transparent in their manufacturing process.

Allergen-free treats

YumEarth is a brand that specializes in candies that are allergen-free. You can find a variety of YumEarth products at natural food stores and conventional grocery stores across the U.S.

YumEarth Candy is free of gluten, artificial colors, and high-fructose corn syrup. In addition, the ingredients are all organic. This is great news for anyone with a sweet tooth.

YumEarth offers a Halloween candy variety bag that includes gummies, pops, and a few other tasty treats. All of the items in this bag are free of the top eight allergens.

The company also sells an assortment of allergy-friendly candy for Valentine’s Day. Each pack contains two types of chocolates and six lollipops. They are made with a variety of ingredients, including organic rice syrup, ascorbic acid, and natural flavor.


If you haven’t yet heard of YumEarth, you aren’t alone. This company is the top dog in the organic candy arena. Their offerings include hard candies and licorice. They go to great lengths to earn their coveted USDA seal of approval. You may be surprised to learn that their offerings are certified organic.

Notably, they aren’t the only company to make certified organic candies and licorice. There are dozens of others out there. Regardless of which company you choose, you can be sure that you are purchasing food that isn’t laden with pesticides, preservatives, and other nasty stuff. As a result, the average American can’t get enough of the good stuff. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to look for the certified organic seal.

It’s no secret that Americans are obsessed with all things foodie, but if you’re on a budget, you’re better off skipping the fancy names like Lucky Charms and Cheerios. In the long run, you’ll save a bundle of money.


YumEarth is a candy company that was founded by two dads who wanted to provide safe, natural, and simple treats for their children. The company focuses on making candies free from the top eight allergens, and uses only high-quality organic ingredients. They even make a number of vegan options. You can learn more about the company and order their products by visiting their website or checking them out at your local health food store. Yummy Earth is also available on iHerb.

YumEarth’s Organic Sour Beans are free from artificial coloring and flavorings. Each snack pack contains a small amount of sweet and sour flavored beans, with 70 calories per serving. These tasty treats are made with organic ingredients and contain no corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. There are many different flavors to choose from, including Pomegranate Pucker, Perfectly Peach, and Chili Pepper.

Kosher or vegan

YumEarth is a brand name you may not have heard of, but it has a pretty impressive line of candy products. They are both vegan and kosher, and you can buy them at most conventional and natural food stores in the U.S. They are also made from organic ingredients. You can find them on the shelves of Amazon as well.

Their gummies are particularly impressive. It’s not surprising that they are able to make such a great product. These gummies are made in a facility that is completely peanut and tree nut free, and they have a very transparent manufacturing process. This isn’t always the case with a lot of companies, but YumEarth is an exception.

One of the most interesting parts of the production is the packaging. The company takes care to pack their gummies with a very clever wrapper that is able to showcase their product’s most important features. What’s more, the package also tells you which of the dozens of ingredients it contains.